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Scala Tutorial: Code Brevity in Scala

In this video, senior software developer Alejandro Lujan explores the elements of Scala's language that allows your code to be a lot more brief, while still expressing what it is supposed to express.Learn more about Scala at www.boldradius.comDownload Alex's slides on SlideShare at http://www.slideshare.net/Tindr/scala... -

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Scala - Underdog

Scala Underdog Demo with Jamie Kime -

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Why Scala?

Let us discuss why we should learn Scala? -

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Scala Futures

This video introduces you to the concept of Futures and how you can create a scala.concurrent.Future object. -

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scala retrattile

soluzione originale quando lo spazio è poco. -

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Scala 40

Partita serale -

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